Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome to our NEW HOME!


It took five years, but the newly renovated 7,500 square foot, two-story building the MESIVTA of CORAL SPRINGS recently moved into is amazing. The facility boasts a spacious Beis Midrash/Study hall, classrooms, cafeteria/assembly space, Judaica library and recreation lounge. Already attracting students from all across America and beyond, the MESIVTA’s well-known educators who motivate, challenge, and guide each Bochur had this to say about the change. 
The Menahel, Rabbi Eizicovics: “The results of this incredible milestone are palpable…even more enthusiasm!”  The Mashpia, Rabbi Shusterman, concurred and added: “New electricity…expansive all-around environment of growth.” And the Rosh Yeshiva - who has been here since day one - Rabbi Janowski reflected: “After five years it's exhilarating to have our own home. We can clearly see Harchovas Hada’as.

MESIVTA of CORAL SPRINGS has always cultivated academic achievement and personal spiritual growth.  Today, that winning combination finally has its own home.  For more information, please call 954.464.0416 or visit

כל צמא לכו למים

א חסיד איז א מסודר

We grabbed this fellow off the street to discover that he never had his Bar Mitzvah and never put on Tefillin! Today was his Bar Mitzvah at Mesivta!


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