Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hilchos Shchita - From the farm to your plate!

As part of our Halacha Seder and with Yom Kippur around the corner,the Bochurim  had the opportunity to learn the Basics of Hilchos Shchita, Hadocho, Melicha and more with LIVE CHICKENS.

Our Shochet, Rabbi Avrohom Granat, of Coral Springs, took us through the Shchita process from beginning until end. We learned many Halachos and it was a phenomenal experience. The pictures will speak for themselves.

HaShliach Levi Bartfield at the Farm

Rabbi Granat starts teaching us some Halachos. Do you know the difference between a Neveilah and a Treifah?!

  • שהייה Shehiyah (delay or pausing) - A pause of hesitation during the incision of even a moment makes the animal's flesh unkosher. The knife must move in an uninterrupted sweep. 
  • דרסה Derasah (pressing) - The knife must be drawn across the throat by forward/backward movements, not by hacking or pressing. Any undue pressure renders the animal unkosher. 

The above Dinim explain why the "Chalaf" shouldn't be too large and heavy and must always be checked for smoothness. Only the Shochet knows how he Shechted, that's why they must be proper Yirei Shomayim.

Mendel is ready with the Hose.

                          Yaakov has the "Ofor"

Just about ready.....



Time to Clean

Chickens are placed upright on a crate and Salted with KOSHER SALT

Mendy volunteers to keep watch.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Akiva Bialo and Menachem Rabin solidify the Gemoro Sugya by watching an interactive video from Gemoro Academy. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Motzoei Shabbos Slichos with Rabbi Yanky Denburg

Rabbi Yanky Denburg of Chabad SW Coral Springs hosted the bochurim at his Chabad house and led a inspiring pre-Slichos Farbrengen. Spontaneous dance erupted. 
Rabbi Cheruff led the Slichos with beautiful Nigunim and heartfelt Tefillos. 

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