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MESIVTA OF CORAL SPRINGS EXPANDS: New Building, New Hanhola Posted Tuesday, Jun 25 2013 1:46pm in  Chabad News has learned, that two exciting developments in the Mesivta of Coral Springs, Florida this week are cause for celebration. The Mesivta, with city commission approval, will open this fall in a completely renovated 7500 Sq. foot building. The two story building located at 1730 N. University Drive, will boast a ·         Beautiful and Spacious Zal ·         Comfortable Dining Room ·         On-site Kitchen ·         Classrooms and offices ·         Game room and Lounge Equally exciting is the hiring of Rabbi Moshe Minsky, who for several years was in charge of the very successful Yeshivas Kayitz program in Costa Rica. Rabbi Minsky will be joining the Mesivta as Menahel Gashmi in charge of the new building, meals, special events and trips. Coral Springs Mesivta has already earned a well-deserved reputation for its emphasis on building