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Chicken Soup?! Thank you Shluchim!


Friday Zoom learning in the A.C!

Friday Morning Videos and Pictures Click the links to watch the videos Shiur Alef Iyun Shiur Beis Iyun Shiur Gimmel  Shiur Beis iyun with Rabbi Janowski Shiur Gimmel Iyun with Rabbi Cheruff Shiur Alef Iyun with Rabbi Shusterman Chassidus with Rabbi Janowski Chassidus with Rabbi Shusterman

Catch up on the last few days!

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.  Big Yasher Koach to the Shluchim and Dorm Counselors for stepping up to the plate!  BH, we've maintained a structured Seder Hayom and are trying to make it as exciting as possible. Surprise swims, extra incentives, new Mivtzas.... Sample Daily Schedule Shiur Gimmel on Rabbi Eizicovics' Porch Quick Basketball break Shiur Alef on Rabbi Shusterman's Porch Shiur Alef on Zoom together with Rabbi Cheruff and the Local Bochurim SHLUCHIM SEDER CHASSIDUS WITH RABBI DENBURG ZOOM Halacha on Rabbi Janowski Porch SHLUCHIM MIVTZAS GALORE!