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Hafoch Boh! Yasher Koach Bochurim


back 2 back guest speakers

This past week the Bochurim had the opportunity to hear from Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Kopel Goldberg and Rabbi Nochem Kaplan- Director of the Merkos Chinuch Office. Dr. Goldberg captivated the Bochurim through sharing parts of his lifelong journey as the Rebbe's Chossid. How a Farbrengen in 1973 transformed a young man from chilly Winnipeg, to a warm Chossid responsible for founding Sichos in English and eventually joining Machane Yisroel Development Fund. Rabbi Kaplan took us back in time to a unique and exclusive Mamar that the Rebbe recited in his room one Shabbos morning without notice. How that day will forever be etched in his mind having had the Zechus to be there as a young Bochur. Placing a strong emphasis on getting the Bochurim to have a "Koch" in the Rebbe's inyonim. Yasher Koach!                               --------------