Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rabbi Yochonon klein- Hands on ספרות demonstration and Shiur

It was a fun and exciting learning experience. 
Rabbi Klein gave the Bochurim a crash course in Tefillin making from start to finish. 
He had many samples and taught various halachos as they were being passed around. 
It really gave the Bochurim a better understanding and appreciation for Tefillin. 

The Bochurim also learned about The "Klaff" used for ספרי תורה, and learned many halachos about writing the letters. 

rabbi klein then passed around a Part of a torah written on deer hide! (Which was done in Spain). 

It was truly engaging. 

Yasher Koach!

Vov Tishrei - farbrengen

The Bochurim first learned the Farbrenegen during Seder Sichos and then watched the Farbrengen later that night. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


Tuesday nights at 8:15 Mesivta hosts and community learning night. The bochurim pair up with community members to learn a sicha. 

The MCS ice coffee challenge!

A little extra learning during breakfast L'zchus Rabbi Hurwitz and Mendy Fellig. 
What a turnout!

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