Rabbi Shmuel Mann & Chai with Chay!

With some 180 Shluchim in the state of Florida, the Mesivta of Coral Springs does it's best to bring as many Shluchim as it can throughout the year to Farbreng with the Bochurim.

Rabbi Shmuel Mann of Chabad Miami Beach-Venetian Islands, began the evening with incredible stories of the Bal Shem Tov and Alter Rebbe. He continued to impress upon the Bochurim how vital a role they play in the Eibeshter's master plan and urged them to continue bringing Nachas to the Rebbe.

Joined by Rabbi Chay Amar- Chabad of Golden Beach at around midnight, the Bochurim were spellbound by Rabbi Amar's stories and their lessons. Drawing on his experiences as a young Bochur growing up in Montreal and observing the Chassidim he looked up to so much and the Yeshivos he attended all over the world. With humor, conviction, and a little tomato salad, it was a Farbrengen to remember.


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